Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Fashion 2011: What to Buy and Wear Now

Everything wss A.O.K. in the Late 60's, 70's and early
80's. We didn't need any "Generation Trash" columns like this.
We felt great, looked great and KNEW HOW TO HAVE FUN. The covers
of Bazaar, Vogue and Elle looked like they should.

We knew what elegance was. F.I.T Fashion Merchandising Grad., was a N.Y.C. Buyer and Fashion Consultant. Open toe shoes are o.k. if you have beautiful feet - not to the office, Thank You.
Petite Lady 4-6 - don't age discriminate against yourself. Get a lift,
if it bothers you so much, go for being yourself and looking great
in your OWN mirror. You sure don't want advice from most of the folks under 50! "Summery coral and shell jewelry" sounds elegant and
beautiful. Don't let "Generation Trash" advise you. They think that
walking down the wedding aisle pregnant is just fine and that wearing
a white pearl necklace "dresses up" a white tee shirt and scuffed
blue jeans. (that type of brain is the result of the economy and
distemper) You know better.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oscar Dress Predictions for the Best Actress Nominees

So glad to see the suggested style for Natalie Portman . . . getting very tired of these tight form fitting dresses on those who are pregnant. They really are not very flattering. And, whoever coined the term "baby-bump", that's wearing thin as well.

Lady Gaga Concert Street Style

It just goes to show that if someone TELLS some folks that someone has talent (which Lady Gaga has none of), and keeps repeating it and forcing the "music", enough sheeple will follow. Lady Gaga has no discernable talent other than manipulation - horrible voice, no writing ability, etc. Real music is still not dead - it is out there. Yet corporations keep feeding this type of junk to impressionable youngsters who THINK it is music because they have not been taught better. Just because it sells doesn't make it good. C'mon people, stop feeding into these god awful "performers" and bring real music back to the airwaves.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gap's 1969 Denim-Only Store Debuts in NYC

visited the shop on Friday was not impressed with staff - dressing rooms were clunky and small - didn't get the IPAD table - what were they there for?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Megan Fox, Rafael Nadal Sizzle in New Armani Ads

I think Megan Fox is actually quite beautiful....she takes great pix and her face alone is soooo pretty and unique-feature wise...
However......she is freakin stick thin....even skinnier than those pix show
And the only thing that is bothersome is that her ribs show and she has a small childlike body who perhaps was mal-nourished and mal-nutritioned
why is that considered ok? and sexy? cant the model standard be like a size 5 minimum???
i mean, if ur a woman then u should look like one....when will that change?
i think shes completely natural for now from what ive heard
but...i hear shes a real bitch!! w/an attitude...
guess all her popularity has gone to her head but it doesnt last and if shes not careful they will stop even asking her to do movies or ads in

Monday, February 7, 2011

Banana Republic Launches Wildbloom Fragrance.

My fabulous grandmother wore Chanel No.5. You can smell her as she comes closer. Even she cooks or bakes, her fragrance will outsmell her cooking. Chanel. No.5 will always be special to me. That scent reminds me the great memories we have together as we are far apart now.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 - Runway

I always enjoy seeing photos from the Burberry shows. They are always so edgy and fashion forward. It is great to see such a young designer with such strong talent.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Couture Spring 2011: Most Outrageous Looks

Not all of the costumes at Paris fashion shows are outrageous. They have a few like the above to garner attention to their brand names. They are also made to emphasize the upcoming season's styles. For instance, the bright and dazzling splashes of many different colors means that those particular shades will be prominent and probably more subtly used in "that adorable lounge suit" that you just have to have! The big white collared "wings" means that white laced collars are "in." These ensembles are meant to be ridiculous so you will not forget them and what they are predicting for the coming season.

H&M To Launch E-Commerce in the U.S.

H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson announced that around the end of this year, the retailer will start online sales in USA. stay tune to for more details...