Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Fashion 2011: What to Buy and Wear Now

Everything wss A.O.K. in the Late 60's, 70's and early
80's. We didn't need any "Generation Trash" columns like this.
We felt great, looked great and KNEW HOW TO HAVE FUN. The covers
of Bazaar, Vogue and Elle looked like they should.

We knew what elegance was. F.I.T Fashion Merchandising Grad., was a N.Y.C. Buyer and Fashion Consultant. Open toe shoes are o.k. if you have beautiful feet - not to the office, Thank You.
Petite Lady 4-6 - don't age discriminate against yourself. Get a lift,
if it bothers you so much, go for being yourself and looking great
in your OWN mirror. You sure don't want advice from most of the folks under 50! "Summery coral and shell jewelry" sounds elegant and
beautiful. Don't let "Generation Trash" advise you. They think that
walking down the wedding aisle pregnant is just fine and that wearing
a white pearl necklace "dresses up" a white tee shirt and scuffed
blue jeans. (that type of brain is the result of the economy and
distemper) You know better.